Meet Dr. Emily Cope- Dr. Cope is the Animal Science Extension Specialist at North Carolina A&T State University.

She is a North Carolina native and a North Carolina State University Animal Science alum.

She specializes in small ruminant nutrition and physiology. In her role as Extension Specialist she focuses on improving efficiency of small ruminant production through extension education efforts. Her primary interests are the interaction between energy balance and reproduction in small ruminants.

Prior to joining NC A&T, she earned her doctorate degree from the University of Tennessee. Her research at Tennessee focused on energy utilization and metabolic efficiency in small ruminants.

Additionally, Dr. Cope lived in the Caribbean for a few years where she worked as the Research Administrator for Ross University, School of Veterinary Medicine on the island of St. Kitts. During this time, she worked with the St. Kitts department of Agriculture to conduct a sheep feed trial to evaluate the impact of byproduct feed utilization on average daily gain in finishing lambs.

Dr. Cope lives in Lexington, NC with her family. She has a love of family, faith, farming, and food. She and her family enjoy spending time on the family farm where the pastures are spotted with paint quarter horses and angus cattle. 

Meet Donna Askew - Donna and her husband Tim, two sons Michael and Hudson, moved to Abbeville, SC roughly six   years ago.  The purchase of 314 acres was the beginning of a 17 year dream for a cattle ranch.  

The Living Oak Farm family provide a stress-free environment while producing strong, thriving, and   sustainable genetics on forage.  They are both seed stock and commercial meat producers of cattle, sheep   and goats.  They also raise chickens for meat and eggs as well as Anatolian Shepherds for guardians.  

The strive to raise livestock to survive and adapt to the changing landscape of the environment  and  climate   conditions while providing naturally grown feed sources, best mineral available, clean fresh water, low stress, and nutritional supplement based on forage products without the need for grains, vaccines,   medications, birthing support of any kind, or shelters.  Their production system is based on proactive and   resilient management practices 

Spanish goats are doing quite well at Living Oak Farm and as a result, Donna has become one of the most   passionate advocates for the conservation of the Spanish meat goat breed.  Donna is the Administrator to   the Spanish Goat Association, the   Spanish Goat Conservation Society, The Spanish Goat DNA Registry,   and the Spanish Goat Gathering.

Meet Terry Hankins- Terry Hankins is a career journalist who has spent the last 24 years publishing Goat Rancher magazine. He began his career as a reporter for a weekly newspaper in Mississippi in 1977. 

Before launching Goat Rancher in 1996, he held management positions at daily newspapers in Cleveland, Miss.; Natchez, Miss.; Jackson, Miss.; and Montgomery, Ala. 

Born and raised on a cattle farm in Sarah, Miss., Terry brings to the table a unique combination of newspaper experience as well as livestock knowledge. This understanding of publishing, advertising, management and basic farm common sense, has helped Terry fill many roles within the goat industry. 

In addition to publishing the nation’s largest meat goat magazine, Terry also is a founder and part owner of the National Kiko Registry; owns Egypt Creek Ranch, where he has raised Kiko goats since 1997; and is part-owner and managing partner of the American Savanna Registry. 

He is a member of the Mississippi State Scrapie Board and a former board member of the American Goat Federation.

Meet Koenie Kotze – Koenie is married to his wife Marina Nortje Kotze and together they have 4 daughters.

Koenie grew up in Prieska in the Northern Cape of South Africa.

Koenie breeds Boergoats, Kalahari Reds and Savanna Goat Studs on his farm Swemkuil in the District of Niekerkshoop, Northern Cape of South Africa.  He also runs studs of Dorper, White Dorper, Van Rooy and all the colours of Persian sheep.  He furthermore farms with Bonsmara and Dexter cattle.

Koenie is an Inspector, International Judge and is one of only two qualified judges in RSA that can judge the Dorpers, Persians, Van Rooy sheep, Boer goat, Kalahari Red and Savanna goat at the same show or event any place in the World.

During the development of the Savanna in South Africa Koenie was employed by Lubbe Cilliers as Studmaster of Lubbe’s farm.  He played a critical role in the development of the Savanna breed while advising and consulting with Lubbe Cilliers during this time.

Koenie has developed a passion for the Savanna breed in South Africa.  He has served as a certified judge at many Regional shows as well as National and World events.  He is eager to share his knowledge and experience with others in the meat goat producing world.

Meet Conrad Herbst - Conrad is married to his Wife Marietjie together they have a son Conrad II with his wife Chantelle and their son Conrad III. 

Conrad manages his farm of registered Boer and Kalahari Red goats as well as Dorper sheep Called Sebriana (referencing the paperbark trees of the area) in the Mooiplaats Farms area (translated means beautiful Farms) in Pretoria, South Africa.

He is an active member of the South African Boer Goat Association.  Conrad also owns and operates Conrad’s Genetics where they export live animals, embryos and semen by the hundreds around the world.   He is also the CEO of CHEMC Environmental where they specialize in mining rehabilitation.

Conrad grew up raising Brahman cattle and goats.  He returned to raising goats around 11 years ago focused on the producing high quality Boer Goats. 

Conrad has developed a passion for educating others through a classroom/lab type environment as well as a consultant in the international community.  Conrad enjoys his time in the US and sharing one of his favorite topics The Boer Goat.

Meet Troy Boone-

Meet Jaco Vd Mewre- Husband to Rachelle and father of 3 boys and a little girl. They live in the Bush veld area near the city of Pretoria.

 Jaco owns a Fencing and Construction company which specializes in high security fencing. He is also a partner in Global Animal Supplies, a company that services and supply the farming industry.

 Starting out with Drakensberger cattle in 2004 he later on expanded to Kalahari red goats. He started out with only a number of commercial does and with very strict selection worked his way up in the industry. He has been breeding Kalahari Reds very successfully and numerous champions came out of his stud.

 The current South African record price Buck was bred out of his lines. He lives out his passion by judging shows nationally and internationally.

 He spends much of time sharing his knowledge and helping upcoming farmers by presenting junior & senior courses in accordance to the South African Boergoat Association.

Meet Dr. Richard Browning-  Dr. Browning is a Professor of Animal Science, Tennessee State University, Nashville.

 He grew up in Raywood, Texas where he was active in the Hull-Daisetta FFA and Liberty County 4-H through the raising and showing of Red Brahman cattle. He earned a B.Sc. (1989) from Prairie View A&M University and M.Sc. (1992) and Ph.D. (1994) from Texas A&M University.

 Dr. Browning’s graduate research focused on the reproductive performance of Brahman cattle and comparative calf performance of tropically-adapted Tuli cattle along with Angus and Brahman.

 He started meat goat research in 2002. He is studying performance traits among Boer, Kiko, and Spanish breeds. Myotonic and Savanna goats were added later to the research program.

 Dr. Browning established a Dexter cattle herd at TSU in 2015. The Dexter cattle will be used to advance student teaching and ruminant research.

 He is married to Dr. Maria Leite-Browning who is a veterinarian and Extension specialist. The two of them are thoroughly engaged in outreach activities to assist meat goat producers.

 Meet Aaron Perkins- Aaron is married to Stephanie Perkins, and together they have two boys.  He and his family share a strong love for farming and ranching. Aaron did move around a bit, but never lost his desire to end up on the farm.

Aaron grew up working on the family wheat farm with his grandfather in Weatherford, OK. After graduating High School, he moved to Stillwater where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Rangeland Management and Ecology.

Aaron worked with the Natural Resource Conservation Service throughout college, and after, which took him to Colorado. He enjoyed the work he was doing, but never lost his desire to be back home on the farm. 

When he saw an opportunity to move back to Oklahoma he took it.  He was able to move back taking a job in the oilfield. Shortly after moving back he met and married his wife, and started a family, with a goal of eventually having their own farm/ranch.

In 2015 Aaron & his family decided to start raising Savanna’s and commercial meat goats. It has been quite the adventure. Aaron and his family have fallen in love with raising goats.

Aaron has always been interested in agriculture, and has a strong passion for soil and land conservation, and he brings this passion with him in managing his pasture land. He has a strong interest in regenerative agriculture, and has a desire to maintain a well maintained farm, with healthy pasture and grazing for his animals.

Meet Pit & Linda Kemmer/Kemmer Auctioneers-The Kemmers have been involved in the goat industry for over 20 years.  

They have been one of the leading breeders of Boer Goats throughout these years and have shown and won extensive awards with this breed.  They have also owned Kiko’s, Spanish, and Savannahs.  They currently run around 100 head of mixed females along with some registered stock. 

They have been involved in Auctioning goats since the start and are regarded as the top auction company in the country for selling and marketing goats.  They have set record after record for top prices in all breed industries.  Pit says “I’ve never been more excited about our meat goat industry than now.   We have so far to grow and expand, it’s really exciting!  All breeds are needed for this expansion and to fill the market.”

Meet Greg Brooks - Greg was born in October of 1962, the son of Larry and Bonnie Brooks. He grew up in rural central Indiana.

As a small boy he couldn’t be kept off Papaw Herman’s tractor.  Little did Greg’s dad, Papaw Herman and great gramps know the little flame that was kindled for the love of the family farm they had instilled. Dad and Papaw tried their best to steer him away from the hard life and low income of the farm. Greg ended up going in to the U.S. Army in 1984 as a HAWK Missile system electronics technician.

He then found employment with the Federal Aviation Administration, first as an electronics technician and later in his career as a manager at many Air Traffic Control Centers within the FAA.

Greg and his wife Cheryl live in Greenfield, Indiana.  He has two Daughters LaDonna and Kristen, and three grandchildren, Allie, Josiah and Madelyn.

Greg never lost his love of the farm. He returned to rural Indiana and purchased his current BrooksSide Acres in 2010, where his passion for farming landed him in the meat goat producing aspect of the farming community.  

Greg is a breeder/producer of American Savanna’s.  Through his experience and through the help of others experience. He has developed a desire to help other folks be successful in the goat industry.  He began sharing his experience in a monthly column of the goat rancher.

Greg retired from the FAA in 2018 and began working fulltime on BrooksSide Acres .

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